Somaliland: CID Investigating Abusive SMS to Minister Hirsi


By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – A woman is in police custody for purportedly sending an abusive SMS message to minister Hirsi of the presidency.

CID headquarters has been the home of Ms Nadra Mohamed Jama for the last six days as investigations are underway concerning an abusive SMS message she is alleged to have sent to Minister Hirsi H Ali of the presidency.

While Hornnewspaper attempts to contact the CID has been unfruitful sources indicate that the lady was arraigned in a Hargeisa court which refused to handle the issue for reasons yet to be divulged thus her return to police custody.

NOW, the confounding dilemma of this case is that a citizen is custody maybe as a result of the newly enacted intelligence law that gives security officials the carte blanche authority to arrest on whim.

On the other hand almost all SIM cards are owner registered with the various prtoviders thus the issue of investigations is hogwash as the identity of the send is clear even to a kindergarten pupil.

At the same time the when of the message is suspicious considering that minister Hirsi has been out of the country for not less than a week, first in Djibouti to bury that country’s central bank governor and now in Dubai to sell the Berbera port.

We ask the police not to became another vessel to be used by some powerful individuals in the administration against innocent LANDERS as the Election commission was

By the way did Hirsi receive the message while in Dubai? Do our Telesom and Somtel simcards have connection in the UAE?