Somaliland: Chinese to Assemble Pick-up Trucks and Electric Motors Locally


Fully Assembled in Somaliland

Somalilandsun – Even though Somaliland is yet to be recognized as an official state, that doesn’t stop her from getting whatever it wants for herself and for her people.

It remains very competitive and even a leader in the region in many sectors including democracy, stability and freedom. Everyone fleeing Ethiopia, Somalia and even Djibouti make their way to Somaliland, which in sense became the Switzerland of the region.

Recently it has acquired a number of Chinese companies to invest in Somaliland and it told the region:

you don’t need fake recognition paper that does nothing because if it did anything Somalia would be something nor do you need 100 million population like Ethiopia to attract investors.

The Chinese investors will kick start 20 medium-to-large factories including a car assembly plant, electronics, bicycles and fruit juice for kids.

Yesterday they unveiled their first plant which will assemble pick-up trucks or ute and electric motors that do not run on petrol in Somaliland.

They will import all the parts from China then assemble them here for the African markets including Ethiopia. The cars will be very cheap and worthy quality. This will improve Somaliland in big ways because now locals will find jobs, acquire new skills and gain access to new services and locally assembled/made products.

The video below shows the first Chinese investors reveal their first car they assembled in Somaliland.

Watch Chinese to Assemble Machinery locally