Somaliland: “Chief Wabar Is A Disparaging and Uncooperative To A Nation.” Stated Vice President


By: Omar. A. Omar (Moyale).
Hargeisa (Somalilandsun) – The vice president of Somaliland Hon. Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail (Saylici) told in the news that chief Abubakar Ilmi Wabar was after the formation of government of Somaliland in 1993 in Borama.

He also narrated that any person who is a somalilander and cannot allow any law abide by the government is a disparaging and caustic to all the community in Somaliland and encourage others also not to be criticized or influenced by the unsupportive action of Chief Wabar.
At the news conference vice president sated in his quote “The Awdal region is peace now and it is only that the ambiguous situation arises from nowhere helmed the community in Awdal region. The region was good before the 1992 perpetration and war that really affect our community and helps to create awareness on stopping the 1992 war. In this case people need to understand from the substructure that Somaliland is not ready to be discrete by a nationalist who would like to devastate the sustainable peace and unity existing all over the nation especially in Awdal region”.
The vice president further explained that the region was a center of peace where Somaliland takes its development goals like building and enrichment of universities and today if Awdal became separatist then it will be a state of affairs where majority of Awdal can’t accept and it won’t bring any difference to the country.
“Suldan Wabar is among an obstinate person who twisted the ultimate of inconvenience to the people of Awdal” said Abdiraman Abdillahi Ismail (Saylii)
The vice president strongly condemned that all this coherence is brought about by clan and tribalism indifferences which is really the most ‘hurt’ affecting our community at large.
“The idea of the Suldan (Chief) is supposed not to threaten and create wars but rather to maintain peace and order to his community and made residency measures for the society. The purpose of the nation is to conserve its people and move in a direction agreed upon during 1993 wars and chaos which was agreed upon that any clan that could hold and rule the country will serve the nation in an agreement but not bringing misunderstood controls in the nation”. Said the vice president.
The work of our militaries and police officers is to maintain peace in the country and let the opposition opponents not take it as a political issue. The vice president said,” the opposition parties should not bring an excuse of campaigning for the effects that happened recently because it is the work of the ruling party to hold any situations and controls it and that the armies and the militaries are to act after given an order if any incidence of insecurity happens”.