Somaliland: Chief of Police Speaks Of Atrocious Murder


By: Moody Boodle

HARGEISA:(Somalilandsun) The chief of police Abdilahi Noor Fadal released a press statement in regard to the brutal killing of a woman who had been announced to have gone missing for the past seven days.

The late Ruqiya Said Ayanle who had gone missing for several days’ body was found by the police investigators buried in a house in the eastern part of Hargeisa.

The body revealed identifiable stabs and deep cuts after its removal from the hole that was dug inside the compound and sadly meant to be her last resting place.

The body of the woman whose family and friends had been looking for day and night was later taken to Hargeisa General Hospital mortuary by the CID officers.

The suspected perpetrators of the atrocious act are in the police custody one of them being referred as the prime suspect and the owner of the house that the body was found buried for eternity.

The CID police officers after several days of consecutive investigation eventually succeeded in finding the remains of Ruqiya and the arrest of 8 suspects.

The chief of police said that due to such a atrocious act against a human he will see to it (the case) personally that the accused are charged and sentenced according to the law.

The police boss said “this is the first kind of such a brutal act in committing of a murder in Somaliland” he added “we have 8 suspects in custody relating to the murder and 6 of whom are from the same family”.

The brutal killing of Ruqiya has terror shocked the dwellers of Hargeisa causing shivers and it has been the talk of the town today.