Somaliland: CESVI Interventions Alleged to be Against Tenets of Islam


The International Aid Agency is Having Hidden Agenda’s in its Family Issues interventions in somaliland

By: Abdirahman Ismail Muhumed

Somalilandsun – The international aid agency CESVI is accused of influencing the public their latest project in Somaliland goes against Islamic faith and has caused many pregnant women and the public if aid agency has a hidden agenda other than humanitarian.

CESVI is an Italian based international aid agency and has been working in Somaliland the last three years, working with children and families across the country in rural areas and several ministries. After announcing to the public its latest policy on how children should be raised in the country earlier this month at Mansoor hotel in the capital city of Hargeisa, during the seminar or workshop to introduce several key points in regards to child labor, early marriage and child soldiers with several ministries of the government.

Participants that were invited to the workshop came from different aid agencies, local org, Islamic clerics, human rights org and more. Some participants at the workshop who requested to remain anonymous, said “Todays workshop organized by CSEVI proved its real intentions in this country.” “Instead we listen to policies totally opposite to what we had in mind. During a session when the forum was opened for questions asked by the participants to get better understanding on several points, the organizers refused to answer them and completely ignored them. To make it even worse several officials that were invited from the ministry of religious affairs had enough and walked out the workshop and immediately notified their ministry to investigate what they had witnessed at the workshop and to investigate whether these types of policies and projects would benefit the families across Somaliland.

CSEVI international encourages families to adapt western values and their culture in a country where the entire nation is %100 Islam with the help from donors and other international aid agencies in the past have been caught tried and lied to the public and wasted millions of dollars to what they call it “Humanitarian Assistance” and take advantage of the poor people across countries such as Somaliland.

This story was first made public through an article by the somaliland language website and our somali speaking readers can peruse the article here