Somaliland: Central Coffers Target Eastern Regions


Hon. Geeljire, Adm. Ahmed and Hon. SamaleBy: Hasan O Horri

BERBERA (Somalilandsun) – The government is studying possibilities of increasing revenue from Eastern regions.

A top finance team is visiting the Eastern regions of Sahil (Berbera), Togdheer (Burao) and Sanaag (Erigavo) in pursuit of strengthening revenue collection from the areas, which are known of lackluster input to the central coffers.

During its first day of operations the team which is composed of finance minister Hon Abdiaziz Samale, Fisheries minister Hon Abdilahi Geeljire and Coast guard Commander Admiral Ahmed Osman inspected various income generating facilities Berbera town.

According to the minister of finance Hon Samale, the team inspected operations at the Sahil regional customs and Fisheries offices where they were briefed on revenue collection activities with a particular focus on requirements for enhanced output.

“The custom office is doing a fine job especially at this Pilgrimage time when a large number of livestock is being exported to Arab countries,” said Samale.

His fisheries counterpart Hon Geeljire informed the press that, the desire effects of their inspection tours would be effected in the beginning of next year after compilation of a full report and preparation of subsequent strategies.

The government intends to enhance its revenue base in the eastern regions after successfully undertaking similar operations in the western part of the country where the finance ministry reports having attained 90% revenue collection capabilities through the utilization of stringent controls and skilled personnel.

In view of the fisheries minister and Coast guard commander accompanying the finance minister it is obvious that the central coffers have earmarked the fisheries sector as one lucrative base of revenue that needs special attention especially in Sahil and Sanaag regions.