Somaliland: Cardiff Based SMHO Facilitates $90,000 Worth Ultra-modern Mental Health Unit at Hargeisa Group Hospital


Currently Patients sleep several to a room and activities are nearly non existent in mental health wards in Somaliland

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

Somalilandsun- Mental health treatment in the country is set for world standards courtesy of the Somaliland Mental Health Support Organization-SMHSO
According to sources the SMHSO that is registered in both Wales and Somaliland with its headquarters in Cardiff and main operation offices in Hargeisa has made the new mental health unit possible in partnership with well wishers from other U.K. and European cities.
The new mental unit worth $90,000 shall officially be inaugurated and subsequently handed over to Hargeisa Group Hospital on behalf of the government of Somaliland by SMHO officials led by Cardiff based Eid Ali Ahmed at 9.30 am on Sunday 26th February at the HGH.
The existing mental health unit housed at the HGH thence main facility for mentally ill in the country had its foundation laid down in 1971 by the head of the Somali Democratic Republic, Mohammed Siyad Barre. After the return from the civil war in 1988 little renovations were made to the ministry of health.
The Barre regime era mental ward at Hargeisa Group hospitalWith the collapse of the Mohammed Siyad Barre Regime f in 1991, when Somaliland claimed their independence, the turmoil of the war ensued with a rapid increase in the number of mentally ill people in Somaliland reports SMHO
The exacerbation of mental health in the country and subsequent lack of adequate facilities and personnel the SMHO came to birth and though several projects have been initiated most importantly the study of mental health in Somaliland, followed by the ultra-modern unit whose foundation stone was laid by health minister Dr Suleiman Isse Haglatosie last April
It is hope that the SMHO intervention shall facilitate a semblance of sanity in the country’s chaotic mental health system in which mental health patients face prolonged and often lifelong incarceration due to the lack of training and health care infrastructure.

prototype of the SMHO facilitated 18 room unit at the HGH in Somaliland
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