Somaliland: Campaign on Accelerated Reduction of Maternal Mortality in Africa Launched


A Diversified Stakeholder participating at the CARMMA Somaliland Launch

By Dr. Essa Jama,
Somalilandsun – Somaliland Ministry of Health and UNFPA officially launched the CARMMA (Campaign on Accelerated Reduction of Maternal Mortality in Africa (officially Opened by the Nations first lady H.E Madam AMINA Mohamoud jirdeh (A.Weris ) and selected Cabinet Ministers also participated this Ceremony, Carmma One in thirty African women risks dying in childbirth, while thousands more suffer all their lives from the damaging physical and mental side-effects of giving birth.

This does not have to happen – Africa has the technology and know-how to save the lives of women,We Africans don’t just have the technology and know-how. We have the powerful spirit and the will to demand our rights. We have thousands of heroes and heroines of maternal health – husbands and sons; boys and girls; doctors, nurses, midwives, political leaders, taxi drivers, government officials and teachers – to name but a few. Every day across the continent, Africans are making sacrifices, going beyond the call of duty and doing heroic work to save the lives of girls and women.

The main objective of CARMMA is to expand the availability and use of universally accessible quality health services, including those related to sexual and reproductive health that are critical for the reduction of maternal mortality. The focus is not to develop new strategies and plans, but to ensure coordination and effective implementation of existing ones. CARMMA aims to renew and strengthen efforts to save the lives of women who should not have to die while giving life. CARMMA believes in ensuring accountability: every single loss of a mother’s or child’s life should be reported. Women are the backbone of African communities – they are farmers, they are business people, they are care givers”

Somaliland. Another successful day dedicated to mother’s and child health ! No woman should die while giving life