Somaliland: Camel Meat Feast Turns Horrific


By: Yusuf M HasanUninspected Camel meat

DURURUQSI (Somalilandsun) – Six people are receiving treatment at Burao regional hospital on food poisoning.

According to the mayor of Dururuqsi district of Toghdeer region Mr Ahmed Abdi Abdilahi the six ailing people were taken to Burao hospital after they started complaining of stomach related pains soon after consuming meat from a bull Camel (Awr) that was slaughtered in the centre.

Toghdeer Emergency medical teams who were dispatched to Dururuqsi immediately panic buttons were raised by local authorities managed to contain the food poising within the large number of people who consumed the suspect camel meat.

The mayor who further informed that the meat from the AWR which was slaughtered after it started showing weaknesses was consumed without inspection by qualified public health officials who are unavailable in the area.

The six who were rushed to the regional hospital hundreds of kilometres away by the emergency medical teams are reported to be responding nicely to treatment.

It is worth mentioning that this is not an isolated incident since it appears that both the government and donor organizations who are doing a very good job in urban areas have failed miserably in extending much need services to the rural areas.

This Dururuqsi incident should them became the clarion call for a reversal of development policy in regard to the already saturated urban centres to the ‘with nothing rural areas ‘for this is directly related to the massive rural to urban migration ongoing in the country.