Somaliland: Calling Professional Landers in the Diaspora


Lets unite and alleviate poverrty in Somaliland

Somaliland sun – With 173 members, Farah Abdisalam a Somaliland citizen in North America is calling upon professionals from all sectors and originally from Somaliland currently in the Diaspora to join hands and help alleviate poverty poverty back home via LinkedIn group Somaliland Professional in the Diaspora

EU & North America

ABOUT THIS GROUP as per its manager Farah Abdisalam who is Owner of FJ Power & Security Solutions

Our aim is to pool together the talents and ideas of Somaliland’s global Diaspora in ways that may benefit our growing democratic nation. Any member is welcomed, regardless of his/her social, economic or political stride.

The central goal is to begin by building simple ideas. Transform these ideas into implementable projects by utilizing the efforts of our global Diaspora and our professional members’ knowledge and experiences. We are prepared for any idea, bold enough to revolutionize every sector of our society.

We wish to rely on your talent and support to help our nation grow to a responsible and self-reliance democratic nation. Somaliland of today can be transformed to Somaliland of tomorrow which continues to nurture its hard earn peace, stability and common good. We hope this site furthers Somaliland’s economic, cultural, social, democratic development and helps with its technological progress and advancement.

Please join the 173 Landers at Somaliland Professional in the Diaspora