The International Solidarity Foundation (ISF) is a Finnish non-governmental organisation established in 1970.ISF’s mission is to support development that strengthens democracy, equality and human rights.ISF’s most important values are solidarity, equality, equity and participation.

ISF’s work is based on the development visionaccording to which the preconditions for men and women to live decent and happy lives will have improved.To implement this development vision, ISF promotes improved access to livelihoods and gender equality.ISF’s thematic programme purposes are that women’s and men’s livelihoods have improved and women’s right to self-determination has advanced in our operating areas.ISF has been supporting NGOs in Somaliland since 2001.

As part of the implementation of its new development cooperation programme, ISF is now looking for partner organisation/sin Somaliland for implementing project/s that promote/s

– gender equality


– improved access to decent work and livelihoods.

The partner organisation/swill be selected on the basis of the following criteria:

• The organisation must share ISF’s view of development and core values.

• The organisation must be capable of supporting the most vulnerable persons or groups in order to build their capacity.

• The organisation must have a clearly defined basic task and special expertise on gender equalityand/or work and livelihood that can be made use of – and further developed – in the implementation of a project with ISF.

• The organisation must have adequate administrative and financial capacity to implement agender equality and/or work and livelihood project with ISF or at least demonstrate willingness to improve its capacity with ISF’s support.

• The organisation must be committed to ISF’s standards and practices within its own organisation.

If your organisation full fills the above mentioned criteria, please send your expression of interest by the 17th of December 2012 to Airi Kähärä, ISF Country Coordinator, at

The expression of interest must include (as a minimum):

– The organisation profile(including at least the organisation’s mission and vision, strategy, financial management guidelines, human resources policy, organigram, list of board members, membership base, and information on thematic expertise)

– A copy of the organisation’s registration certificate from the Ministry Planning of Somaliland

– A concise (max. 5 pages) concept note of an initial projectidea on gender equality and/or work and livelihood that corresponds to the needs of Somaliland and ISF’s development cooperation programme objectives.

ISF will contact the organisation/s that fulfill the criteria and needs of our development cooperation program in February/March 2013.Preference will be given to organisations that have presence in Togdheer/Saahil regions. The fundedproject/sshallbegin in late 2013/early 2014.