Somaliland: Café Barbera Brings Centuries Old Coffee Traditions to Hargeisa


By: Pendo Mwajuma

Somalilandsun – I’m sure most of you would like to have a good cup of coffee in a nice environment almost like you’ve gone out of the country to some countries where coffee is really enjoyed like for example Italy . Well, if that is the case then don’t worry yourself much because a place that will give you such feeling is soon to be opened here in Hargeisa so you won’t have to go any far just to have the feeling.

Café Barbera has been in existence for five generations now since started in Italy by a man called Domenico Barbera in 1870. It just started franchising over 10 years ago and now it is in over 50 countries around the world, and now soon to be opened here in Hargeisa, Somaliland.

Café Barbera is under S&A group owned by Saeed Jama the CEO and his brother Ahmed Jama. He recently came back to Somaliland with the dream of transforming food and beverages in Hargeisa from the quality of products served to the customer service delivery.

This international coffee shop has mastered the making of coffee for the last 145 years and considered to be the oldest coffee shop in Europe. Using premium coffee beans like mago and maghetto ground coffee sourced from world’s finest coffee beans, it sells hot and cold coffee including café latte, Americano , cappuccino italiano , affogato , espresso freddo and more others all at affordable prices. The coffee comes with dry products like syrups e.g. caramel, hazelnut and vanilla, toppings like chocolate and caramel cause.

It’s not just coffee , it provides other food and beverages services like pizza, hot and cold sandwiches , Italian pasta , pastries, salads and more. Fresh products like fruits, juices, vegetables and dairy products are also provided not forgetting Igelato (freshly made ice cream) which has taken over industrialized ice creams all over the world and mostly appreciated in Europe, Middle East and American countries.

Saeed Jama turns a dream in the Diaspora to a reality at home

This really will be a food and beverages industry redefined in Somaliland. “Expect a Calm, beautiful and spacious environment where you can hold meetings, throw parties or hang out with family or friends,” says one of the assistant managers Mr. David Kawooya. He also promises that services will be delivered up to standards and you won’t have to wait any longer just to get served.

Expected to open here in Hargeisa early this year, it will be on service from 7 AM to 12 at night 7 days a week and will be located in town at deero mall first floor the new extension. WATCH OUT.

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