Somaliland: Cabinet Pledges Month Salary , Government Launches Drought Relief Kitty

Somaliland: Cabinet Pledges Month Salary , Government Launches Drought Relief Kitty
President Bihi chairs the 88th Somaliland Council of ministers session

Somalilandsun: The Somaliland government of H.E President Musa Bihi Abdi has intensified efforts to help alleviate suffering being undergone by drought-stricken citizens.

This development ensued during the 88th session of the council of ministers cabinet by the president H.E Musa Bihi Abdi in Hargeisa where his deputy Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismael ‘Sayli’ flanked him.

To jumpstart the drought effects alleviation exercise the entire cabinet pledged to forfeit their March salaries to the drought kitty

For a number of years now a large segment of Somaliland citizens especially in rural areas whose entire existence is derived from livestock have been engulfed by recurrent and severe spells of drought.

The administration’s launch of the kitty that targets contributions from domestic and international wellwishers is expected to avail short-term emergency relief with livestock replenishment as the ultimate goal.

Prior the minister of water Ali Hassan Mohammed (Ali Marehan) informed the session on the status pertaining to the drought and its effects as per assessment by the drought committee tour of the eastern regions that bear the brunt in the country.

In conclusion, the cabinet urged all and sundry to participate in the contribution of funds more so the country’s elite business community and members of Somaliland Diaspora.

At the same meeting The minister of internal security Mohamed Kahin Ahmed reported to the cabinet about the preparation of 18th May 2022 national day.

“We are on course as pertains plans for the 30th anniversary of independence which as usual shall be commemorated in the country and major cities in the world adopted by Somalilanders as their second home,” said the security minister

Somaliland has celebrated her independence annually both at home and abroad apart from last due to the Covid-19 pandemic