Somaliland: Cabinet Discusses Enhancement of Regional Administrations


Somalilandsun- The president of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi has officiated the 19th ministerial meeting since coming to power. The meeting was held at the presidential mansion cabinet hall. According to information reaching Somaliland News Agency ( confirmed the agenda of the meeting concerned the state intention to catalyze the development of the nation through initiation of worthwhile projects.

The cabinet discussed the regional and district administration decentralization law that seeks to put the community at the forefront of the development agenda. The president stated the importance of community participation in development activities. Since coming to power president Bihi has  made a habit of holding a cabinet meeting on every Thursday of the week so that his minister do not lose direction. This is a very calculated move by the head of state that has move away from his predecessor’s culture of not holding ministerial meeting often.  This new norm seeks to put ministers into perspective of development conscious mentality.