Somaliland: Bye-bye Donkey Catered Water


Bajaj Water tankers gradually negating Donkey drawn water distributors in Somaliland

By: Yonis Jama

The development of Somaliland is being witnessed day and night as living standards improve, business Sky rocket and infrastructure development.

For the past few months there is a Motor cycle commonly known as Bajaj that carries water to sell to households with in hargeisa city. The Bajaj carries water in a tank the way a donkey cart does. It potrays the level of creativity by some individuals with in the city.

Hussein Adan Daa’uud (Fanax) who previously worked using a donkey cart is now using a Motor cycle instead of the Donkey cart. Mr. Fanax while distributing water in jig jig yare hargeisa city met DAWAN and and he was asked the difference between using a donkey cart to fetch water and the new invention of using Motor cycle for selling water. He said “honestly there is a big difference am now cleaner than when I used the donkey, even the city is now more cleaner as I don’t have a donkey defecating in the city. Am now more active at work Mr. Fanax added.


Q. is there any change in the price of water from your previous charges?

A. yes I used to sell a drum of water at 12.000 SL but now I sell at 9.000SL

Q. how long will you use the motor cycle, how many liter of water does the tank carry, how many liters of fuel do you use?

A. I will use the motor cycle for 3 months, the tank carries 400 liters of water equivalent to 2 water tanks. I use 4 liters of fuel per day equal to the food that is given to the donkey (grass and maize)

Q. how do you customers see the changes that you have done?

A. they are happy with the changes in terms of price, the faster way of getting water and even on the cleanliness

Q. what do you suggest to your friends who use donkey cart?

A. it’s a good question. Be ambitious and ensure that you change from using a donkey to a more modern way.