Somaliland: Burao Technical Institute Cries Out for Help


The prestigious Burao Technical Institute at its current Dilapilated status

Somalilandsun – Situated in the Togdeer regional capital of Burao, the Burao technical Institute-BTI is currently in a deplorable structural situation courtesy of destruction meted by Siyad Barre forces during the 1980’s-91 civil war in Somalia whose conclusion was the withdrawal of Somaliland from its 1960 voluntary later turned fateful union with Italia Somalia in 1991.
During its prominence BTI whose establishment was funded by the former West German Government in the early 60s under bilateral Aid to the former Somalia produced top notch technicians of high caliber
Since its construction until 1974, the German’s were in exclusive management of the institute and availability of all funds related to training materials, student welfare as well selection and training of trainers.
While Somaliland is currently in great need of various calibers of artisan the prevailing condition of BTI is cause for worry thence an appeal for help in reviving the institution to its pre-civil war status-more detailed information. Also visit the BTI official site