Somaliland: Burao Residents Urge the SFG to Refrain from Hate Speeches


Thousands commemorate 22 years of independence in BuraoBy: Yusuf M Hasan

BURAO (Somalilandsun) – Residents from various districts of Togdeer region congregated in their thousands in the capital Burao to commemorate 22 years of independence.

Before proceeding to the Burao Airport which was the main venue of events the independence day celebrants who together with their vehicles, Carrier camels and Horses were draped in the three colours of the country’s flag made a march past of the city centre.

Leading activities which have are the biggest to ever take place in the Eastern region of the country were central, regional and local governments officials that included the minister of foreign affairs Dr Mohamed Abdilahi Omar, Interior minister Duur Arale, Aviation minister Mahmud Hashi Abdi, Togdeer regional Governor Ahmed Abdilahi Hamarje and the Burao Mayor Councilor Murad.

Others gracing the occasion were members of the Burao local government, members of the two chambers of parliament, House of Representatives and Guurti from the region.

While reiterating the irrevocability of the country’s sovereignty which was declared in Burao on 18th May 1991 which is exactly 22 years to date, all the numerous speakers at the Burao Airport festivities called upon the Somalia federal Government-SFG to respect agreementFrom left Governor Hamarje, Foreign policy chief Dr Omar, Ministers Duur and Hashi, Mayor murad and a future leader enroute to Burao airport to address 22nd independence celebrationss the two countries have entered during internationally sanctioned dialogues.

“The SFG which has just co-signed the Ankara communique should respect its contents especially the point on deterring hate speech from either side” Said Dr Omar the foreign affairs minister.

Informing that the SFG which is pursuing a course opposite from those agreed especially hate speech that is geared to anger Somalilanders thus create acrimony, Dr Omar urged the Mogadishu administration to desist thus salvage the ongoing dialogue that it, SFG, has repeatedly committed to.

On his part the aviation minister Mahmud Hashi Abdi who informed that the country’s independence is very dear having beenDr Omar Diplomat turned nomad in Burao achieved at a very costly price in both human and material costs said, “we shall not stand aside and let anyone or entity trample on this hard won dignity of sovereignty”

Addressing security which is his preserve the interior minister Mohamed Duur Arale assured citizens of a 24/7 peaceful environment anywhere in the country through the ever alert and vigilant security apparatus put in place and properly equipped by the government.

Ululation from the female celebrants of the country’s 22nd anniversary of independence followed Speaker after speaker as they said the time has come for the so-called international community to end its blindness towards Somaliland’s achievements and deafness to citizen pleas for recognition thus do the necessary without further loss of time on minuscule excuses.

While further celebrations are ongoing in various districts and main towns of Togdeer region the remaining main activity anticipated by many is the one to be held in the evening at the Burao state lodge.

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