Somaliland: Burao Prison Guards Shoot Absconding Inmate to Death


Deceased inmate is carried away by security officers after the post escap attempt shooting

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

BURAO (Somalilandsun) – An attempt to escape from custody at the Togdheer regional law court house in Burao has ended fatally.

Prisons guards shot to death an inmate who tried to escape from their custody during an ill-fated appearance to answer charges related to the profusion of fake car registration plates when the accused jumped out of the court house in a bid to escape.

According to reporter Shafii Mohamed of Prison guards hot in pursuit fired several shots which were smack on target thence the on the spot death of the inmate whose body was taken to the Burao mortuary pending burial consent from his family.

According to the guards the dead prisoner who has been in remand custody for a couple of months has been a thorn in the operational stability of the Burao central prison where the deceased inmate is said to have been on several attempts to escape preceded by entanglements with guards with the purpose of subduing them thence confiscate their weapons.

This is the first reported incident of such nature thus a discernible trumpet to the authorities to revamp prevalent procedures as in relation to the manner that suspects are handled all the way from the police station, to law courts and subsequently as sentenced prisoners.