Somaliland: Burao Presidency Palace Ready for Use


By: Moody Boodle

BURAO (Somalilandsun) – The construction of the newly Presidential palace in Burao that will serve as the Presidency coordination office for eastern regions has successfully been completed.

This comes after an announcement of the construction of the Presidency palace completions by the Director of the Burao Presidential palace and also the construction project manager Mr. Yasin Mohamed Shide, in a press briefing in his office in Burao.

The director also used the opportunity to say that the bulldozers and other machinery resources for the construction of the road linking Burao and Erigavo have arrived in Burao and is on their way to Erigavo

The director thanked the President for his vision on development policies adding there are people who don’t acknowledge the prosperity of development performance the current administration. He thanked the minister of state whom the director said is gifted with patience and potential.

The director concluded that the new Presidential palace will soon be furnished and officially opened for use.