Somaliland: Burao Policeman’s Transfer Cause Public Rampage


Burao in Flames

By M.A Egge

HARGEISA-(Somalilandsun): The state has dispatched a delegation of four cabinet members to help contain and quell disastrous public chaos that erupted on Monday in Burao in which a person got killed and numerous others injured.

Major IlkaaseDisgruntled members of the public went on the rampage in the name of demonstrating against the removal of the regional police commander Major Ahmed HASSAN Abdirahman and subsequent replacement with Selal regional police commander.

The Honourables Dr. Abdi Aw Dahir, Lady Shukri Haji Ismael, Farah Elmi Geedoole and Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire of Livestock Development, Environment, Agriculture and Planning ministries respectively, held a press conference flanked by the Togdeer Regional Administration in which they pledged that they would delve into the matter with the aim of addressing any differences that are abound.

Ministers in Burao to calm jitters are L-R Dr Aw Dahir Dr Saad Ali Ms Shukri Bandare and Prof Gedoode

They called on the members of public not to breach public peace and order hence at the same time sent condolences to the family, relatives and friends of the victim who perished in the chaotic situation.

Some of them burnt tyres or hurled anything that they could get their hands on playing the aggrieved party.

Two other members of the public are reportedly seriously injured following the move byIrate Burao residents on the rampage the security service when they tried to control rampage in the regional town and have since been hospitalized.