Somaliland: Burao Landmine Kills Siblings as Mother is Seriously Injured


Nasiye village 80 Km south of Burao where the mine accident happened

By: Mo Ali/medeshi
BURAO (Somalilandsun) – Three siblings were killed last night and their mother seriously injured after a landmine exploded at the outskirts of Nasiye village in Togdheer region.

Nasiye village is 80 kilometers south of Burao , the capital of Togdheer region. The mother , Shamsa Omer Jama told the press “that she was herding the sheep when the children brought food for her. A sheep came closer to where the children were sitting and caused the mine explosion at a distance close to the children.”

Shamsa said that the children were blown over her into few metres away from where she was sitting . The three children were instantly killed while the mother sustained serious injuries..
Doctors from Burao hospital treated Shamsa Omer Jama in the emergency unit and told the press that her condition is stable but and that she needed to undergo further surgery.

Shamsa Omer in Burao hospital narrates the fateful evens of her family Captured from the youtube by Medeshi
There are thousands of mines buried by the forces of the former dictator, Siyad Barre , in the early 1990s which continue killing people in many parts of Somaliland. Despite of numerous NGOs that had been commissioned to demine the country, the mayhem still continues.
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