Somaliland: Burao Council Accused of Selling Road Reserved Land


By: Yusuf M Hasan
Cole Faliid says Burao council members selling public land to individuals

BURAO – Somalilandsun- The ministry of interior has been asked to intervene and stop the selling of public land in Burao town.
This appeal to Somaliland local authorities line ministry was made by Councillor Abdirizaq Hussein Obsiye Shiine ‘Faliid’ during a press briefing in Burao where he Claimed that only urgent action will save the Toghdeer regional capital from massive land grab.
“I woke up today to noises from construction machinery building a house within land not only designated but in use as a road linking an estate to the towns central business district as well as the entire regional capital.
Cllr Faliid laid the blame on fellow members of the local council whom he termed as those utilizing their office to either corruptly acquire or dispose off land earmarked for public utilities.
Claiming that the current construction of a personally owned structures by business tycoon he named as Omaar, Councillor Faliid said meme ears of his councilor were behind the sale and subsequent erection of structures.
While corruption allegedly within the Todgeer’s regional capital local government are nothing new, the disclosure by a council member are rare thence imperative that the ministry of interior expedite the relevant intervention. .