Somaliland: Bulsho TV Staffers Detained


L-R Somaliland journalists Saeed Kadar Abdilahi and Rashid Nuur Wais in police custody

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Police in the Somaliland capital Hargeisa are holding two journalists on orders from the Attorney General Chambers.

Accordingly the Bulsho TV-BTV manager Rashid Nuur Wais and reporter Saeed Kadar Abdilahi are cooling horses in custody on issues related to publication of a local newspaper Hubsad allegedly for impersonating owners.

The two who also dabble chief editor and editor of Hubsad newspaper which has been off the streets for a lengthily period are reported to have resuscitated the publication without fulfilment of proper company transfer laws of the country.

Prior to their unexpected confinement the two had published the re-launched Hubsad for three days before police pounced on them.

Solja leaders concur with chief justice Aden Ali- inset- on prevalent illegal arrest of journalist in Somaliland/archivesBy the time of going to press neither the government nor the Somaliland Journalists Association-Solja had reacted to the arrests through a statement or related activities.

On the other hand and despite the fact that detention is good only for the guilty this arrest an opportunity to test the Judiciary cleaning broom as it comes in the heels of a recent commitment by the Chief justice Aden Haji Ali to treat allegedly errant local journalists as per dictates of the law.

But a sample of this, Judiciary Establishes New Mechanisms to Deal with Alleged Errant Journalist, can be determined via the warrant issued before arrest as promised by the CJ thence anticipation is high that the supposed evils of the BTV/Hubsad newspaper duo shall be treated as a civil case as opposed to the past that saw cases treated as criminal ones.

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