Somaliland: Buhoodle Leaders Condemn Heinous Killing of Two, Urge Two Warring Clans to Cease Clashes

Guurti Elder Abdihakim Farah Budeye

Somalilandsun: The murder of two people in Buhoodle district has been termed as unfortunate and unwarranted.

This was stated during by the areas deputy governor Jama Dheeq Artan and Elder Abdihakim Farah Budeye who represents the area in Guurti the Somaliland upper chamber of parliament during a joint press conference in Buhoodle town.

The reaction by the two leaders follows the murder of two residents’ one in Buhoodle town and the second in Yayle village as a result of clashes between two resident clans.

After extending condolences to the family and relatives of the two deceased Elder Budeye also send a message of peace to two brotherly clans who committed murders in Buhoodle as revenge

“Continued murders of innocent citizens as part of inter clan rivalry can no longer be tolerated” said the Elder as he urged government intervention if the two warring clans continue with the killings

The deputy governor of Buhoodle region Jama Dheeg Artan also sent a message of peace to the two warring clans. He said, “I am sending a message of peace to the two brotherly clans whose quest for revenge ended with the gruesome murder of the two people”

The administrator also warned of dire consequences if the warring clans refuse calls for peaceful reconciliation

Buhoodle district in the east of the country is notorious for regular killings of innocent people courtesy of never ending inter-clan rivalry