Somaliland: Buhoodle Elders Reconcile Warring Clans after Water Related Violence


Arrival of Somaliland security forces restored calm among warring Buhoodle clans

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
Somalilandsun- All watering points in Higlo-Kadaaye area in Bugoodle district shall be shared equally by all resident clans.
This was agreed at clansmen meeting following a battle for control of Higlo-Kadaaye borehole in which three people died and injury to numerous others as a result of bullets fired during the skirmishes.
According to a communique released after the elders meeting six points were agreed upon as pertains cessation of hostilities and maintenance of peace among the Dulbahante sub-clans of Ali Geri, Mahmoud Barkad and Ali Barkhad.
The fateful skirmishes in which the three lost their lives ensued after protracted animosity at the Higlo-Kadaaye watering point which is 40 Kim’s east of Buhoodle town between the 22nd and 23rd this Month, only ending and restoring after Sool regional administration through Buhoodle district dispatched security forces.
The six points agreed upon during the reconciliation meeting are
1. Waters at the Higlo-kadaaye borehole to be utilized equally by all resident clans
2. Water bowser are banned from drawing water at the borehole
3. Weapons are not allowed within or near vicinity of the borehole
4. Each of the three sub- clans to appoint 11 members to compose a 33 member borehole management committee.
5. For the warring sub- land to accept without any conditions the reconciliation agreement and
6. For the government to withdraw security personnel dispatched to restore order.
While the administration of president Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo has strived to establish harmony in the country’s eastern region of Sool, especially through an already complete reconciliation with the former SSC rebel movement and ongoing talks with Khatumo State secessionists, residents of the area remain perpetually warlike and act so even between themselves.