Somaliland: Buhodle Political Crisis


Residents Demonstrate in Buhodle-file photo

Somalilandsun – Buhodle is situated between the border of Somaliland and Ethiopia its inhabitants’ are mainly Pastoralists People with a peace loving and likely to live harmony with their neighbors and have traditional values and principles for their inhabitants of Buhodle which they are great warriors who also played a major role in the struggle for independence they fought a bloody war with the British the people of Buhodle are also rich in the Somali history so many great poets and heroes emerged from Buhodle including Ismael Mire; Ali Dhuh and many others
Buhodle is also a major city for so many people who live in the reserve area between the border with Ethiopia its inhabitants’ are roughly estimated around 750000 people who live within the town and its outskirts The people of Buhodle were facing so many challenges for half century including wars political instability poor leadership and so many political actors who oppose each other there is no any single administration that governs the town there are many leaders who hail from Buhodle who represent and serve different administrations but unfortunately they have little impact inters of developments and serving their people but they only create political instability chaos and tense between the local population
The people of Buhodle also feel they are treated like second class citizens who are misrepresented in the political arena and their rights denied the government of Somali land believes and claims that Buhodle is part of Somali land but its citizens feel they are humiliated and betrayed because there are missing many rights that they deserve to have the government failed to reach the people and work with them in terms of the developments these people lack many fundamental rights they have no access to health facilities there is no a single government run healthy centre schools and water bodies yet the other towns of Somaliland have access to government ministries that helps them in the development sector In this case I appeal the government of Somali land to reach its people and to satisfy their needs in order to win the hearts of the local population it should not rely on the politicians that hail from buhodle because these politicians don’t reach their people and listen their voices they just stay and enjoy with in hargeisa they contribute nothing to their people if Somali land wants to win the hearts of the local population they should consult with the local elders , scholars for interpreting matters in to scientific analysis and hear their voices but these politicians who hail from buhodle cant a lone bring change According to the study it reveals the lack of social relationship with the govt of Somaliland for example the institutions of the govt , it requires new initiatives on peace and integration among the ethnic group differences initializing effective govt services matters to show them responsibility of their govt In short buhodle is under the territorial integrity of Somaliland so its national policies should create socio economic and political coherences among its citizens specifically buhodle political crises

Residents of Buhoodle welcome Khatumo secessionists I therefore appeal and urge the government of Somali land his excellence the president of Somali land the honourable minsters of Somali land to help their suffering people who are ravaged by wars famine and give them the rights they deserve as citizens I also appeal to the international community to help and deliver aid to the people who are affected by the drought We as the citizens of Buhodle condemn the intervention coming from Somalia the so called weak government of Somalia failed to maintain law and order and safeguard its citizens the government of Somalia is trying to destabilize Somali land they always support and use groups who hail from Somali land to create chaos and conflicts we inform the international community including the European union United Nations, AOU,¬ Igad and the Arab League that the government of Somalia will be held responsible and accountable for creating political instability between the law abiding and peace loving citizens of Somali land I also urge Puntland to give up claiming the territories of Somali land the regions of Sool Sanag and Buhodle are part of Somali Land we all know that the citizens of Sool Sanag and Buhodle belong to Same ethnic group with the people of puntland but doesn’t mean that they are part of Puntland there are common borders and these borders should be respected instead of creating of conflicts based on tribalism the people of Bokh belong to the clan of the current president of Puntland but they have same destiny interest and government with Ethiopian Societies, therefore we urge them to be good neighbours. I encourage the citizens of Buhodle including the Diaspora communities the business people Scholars ,experts. Professionals , academicians, the civil Society, Spiritual leaders and the traditional elders to engage in peace and development activities rather than Negative social impacts and political interests I also mobilize and pledge to the local people to participate in the open democratic form to determine their future developments as well as their rights and interests through this , people will have access to Their socio economic and political participation such as distribution of power and resources of the nation
abdirisak muse farahBy prof abdirisak muse farah. A political analyst and lecturer of global studies and international relations at new generation university hargeisa compuses E mail cabdrisakmuse@hotmail .com