Somaliland: Buhodle Heavyweights Approve Hagaltosie Peace Initiative


Elders approve Hagaltosie (C) peace initiative“We shall travel to Hargeisa soon to prepare talks” Buhodle Elders

By: Yusuf Masai

BUHODLE (Somalilandsun) – Traditional leaders and residents have approved the Buhodle peace accord.

This outcome follows an elders meeting in which Hagaltosie briefed on all the aspects of the peace accord he entered upon with president Silanyo in Dubai late July 2012.

After lengthily deliberations the elders informed that they fully supported the peace accord and they will soon send a delegation to Hargeisa to meet with president Silanyo thus establish parameters for the talks.

The approval of the peace accord by the elders of Buhodle, now gives Commander Suleiman Hagaltosie the mandate to start implementing the terms of the Buhodle peace accord with the government of Somaliland.

The elders who revealed that they approved of the peace accord because of the need to end continuous clashes in Buhodle district and other areas of Sool region thus avail citizens the benefit of public services, informed they have set a talks preparation committee thus facilitate reconciliation between the government and residents of the district and entire sool region as well.

Buhodle district has been a skirmish area between the national army and the Hagaltosie Commanded Sool, Sanaag & Cayn (Ain) militias resulting in deaths and injuries.

According to the terms of the peace accord Hagaltosie the former militia commander now turned politician and peacemaker will first disband the SSC militia, hand over weapons to the national army thence the commence of peace talks.

After these activities are concluded talk’s preparatory teams from the government and Buhodle community will hold discussions in both Hargeisa and Buhodle to establish talk’s mechanisms.

Once peaceful reconciliation which is the essence of the talks between the government and the local community is attained agreed remuneration that entail a give and give situation will then be initiated i.e.

1. Absorption of former SSC militias in the army, police force, custodial corps and coast guard.

2. Government to establish mechanisms that will facilitate provision of public services. Etc.

While these are some of the supposedly accords on paper other main give from the government include appointment of Hagaltosie as a full cabinet minister in the Silanyo government as well as appointments of area residents to the civil service.

The successful cessation of hostilities between the government and Sool region residents and more specifically those from Buhodle will crown lengthily peaceful reconciliation efforts by President Silanyo.

On numerous occasions the president has extended a call for peace to the Sool people asking them to table their grievances peacefully rather than continued armed skirmishes that solves nothing apart from exacerbating the animosities