Somaliland: Buba Travel Saga, Occasioned by Somalia Diplomatic Passport-State


Says interior minister while urging the Opposition politician to secure an official Somaliland travel document

Interior minister Faraton says Buba welcome to a Somaliland passport

Somalilandsun-The government has acknowledged denying politician Ismail Mahmud Hurre Buba departure from the country.
According to the interior minister Yasin Haji Mahmud Hiir ‘Faraton’ attempts by politician Buba to depart the country at Egal Airport which was curtailed by the government recently was done since the politician had contravened national laws.
Minister Faraton revealed that the Buba departure saga at the Egal airport started after he produced a Somalia issued diplomatic passport as his legal travel document.
“Being a Somaliland citizen airport personnel immediately Eid him embarkation rights thence the much touted saga” said Faraton
Stressing that Somaliland laws do not recognize the Somalia diplomatic passport minister Faraton said that politician Buba is free to apply for his country’s official travel document.
Buba an old time politician is currently a senior member of the Opposition Wadani party which he joined upon recanting his alliance to the somaliweine Doctrine (greater Somalia Union) that saw him serve as foreign minister for the government of Somalia on numerous occasions over the years.