Somaliland: Briton Somali Linguist in Hargeisa


Martin OrwinBy: Geeska

Somalilandsun – On Thursday this week, a British linguistic expert Mr. Martin Orwin was welcomed at Egal International Airport in Hargeisa by members of the Readers Club accompanied by a prominent Somaliland poet

Mr.Hassan Dhahir Weedhsame were at hand to receive the Briton. Mr. Orwin an expert in the Somali and Amharic language lectures at SOAS in the United Kingdom.
He is in the country for a research program that concerns the Somali language and a planned workshop. This is not the first time for Mr. Orwin to visit the country but has for several occasion come and gone.

On his last visit he held public talks in Somali as he is a fluent speaker. Mr Orwin also participated in the Hargeisa International Book Fair sometime back. Speaking to Horn Newspaper reporter Mr. Orwin said “I’m very pleased to be back in Somaliland after getting another precious opportunity”