Somaliland: British Somalilander Community Award 2013



Dear Somalilanders and friends,

Somalilandsun – As part of its mission of empowering British Somalilanders to become confident citizens, West London Somaliland Community organizes an annual awards ceremony to mark this invisible community achievement and to encourage young Somalilanders to aim high and achieve their potential.

The achievement award has 5 categories, including education, development/community champion, arts/culture, sport and business. We would therefore like to announce that the nominations are open for the 2013 Somaliland Community Achievement Award. The nominations will be closed by the 15th of November and the award’s ceremony will take place on the 7th December 2013.

Please forward your nominations to or call the office on 0208 848 1180.

Best wishes,

Somaliland Award Ceremony Committee