Somaliland: British Fishing Consulting Firm on Long-Term Plan for Fisheries Development


The rich and lucrative fishing industry remains relatively untapped

Somalilandsun –MEP MacAlister Elliott & Partners (MEP) is working on a long-term development plan for fisheries in Somalia and Somaliland that will help stimulate economic growth.

Working with federal and regional governments, and backed by public sector investment, MEP is providing strategic research and advice on how best to develop fisheries in the Horn of Africa to the benefit of local communities in a region long-stricken by conflict and instability.

Key areas of work include assessing fisheries with the potential for sustainable harvesting, the associated onshore support infrastructure required and identifying export markets for seafood products from Somalia and Somaliland.

Tuna and other pelagic fisheries are seen as having best potential for sustainable development because most demersal stocks in the region have been over-exploited by the long distance fleets of other nations.

Stephen Akester of MEP said: “MacAlister Elliott & Partners has a long association with Somalia and Somaliland and we are currently using our expertise to help develop a long-term development plan for fisheries in the region.

“It is ironic that the offshore international naval force that patrols the region’s waters to combat piracy has offered an umbrella of protection for fishing vessels from other nations to overfish a number of key stocks in the area.

“However, there is good potential for a viable and profitable indigenous fisheries sector, and if successful, this would make a significant contribution towards economic and social stability.”

Source: TheFishSite News Desk

Founded in 1977, MacAlister Elliott & Partners (MEP) has been at the forefront of fisheries consultancy for over three decades.