Somaliland: Brawl over Disputed Speakers Election Turns Physical in Parliament


As MP Suleiman Kore punches MP Bashe, Wadani Party shows Evidence on how MP Talyanle was rigged out of the race, elders intervention, governments condemnations and Constitutional court on mandate to resolve dispute
wadani party clip clearly shows who of the 39 voted for MP Talyanle as new speaker of Somaliland parliament

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- Business at the House of Representatives came to a standstill in the morning of Tuesday 8th Aug after the disputed post of house speaker vacated by Abdirahman Irro turned physical.
The saga started at 10am when MP Suleiman Kore entered the office of house speaker Bashe Mohamed Farah despite attempts to deter him by the speaker’s security details.
Once inside the office MP Kore did not waste any efforts with words for he started punching MP Bashe with lefts and rights and as can be expected the victims responded in kind.
With intervention by a number of members among them MP NaNa’a failing to resolve matters the physical brawl only concluded upon arrival of a huge police detail.
To successfully curtail the honourable fight police are reported to have arrested a son to MP Suleiman Kore while a sibling said to have been armed with a hand gun managed to protect escape.
Acrimonies leading to the fight by the honourable members started after the recent election of MP Bashe Mohamed Farah as house speaker following the resignation of Abdirahman Irro who is contesting the Somaliland presidency on a Wadani party ticket come elections in November.
Bashe who is from the ruling Kulmiye party defeated his sole opponent MP Abdirahman Mohamed Mahmud ‘Talyanle’of the opposition Wadani party , both of whom plus Kore are kinsmen from the Dhulbahante clan in the east of the country.
Bashe who served as 1st Deputy speaker during the reign of Irro was announced victor after garnering 39 votes to Talyanle’s 38, as as is normal in such circumstances the loser was first to congratulate the victor.

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But things changed on the evening of the same day after MP Talyanle recanted his congratulations, and concession of defeat while informing that he was the victor in the house elections, thus the official speaker of the House of Representatives, Somaliland’s Lower chamber of parliament.
According to MP Talyanle his victory wa rigged after his 39 votes were announced as having been cast for MP Bashe who on actuality received 38 votes.
Since then, 6th August 2017, the war over the disputed speakership of the house was only verbal until the 8th Aug when MP Suleiman Kore initially a contestant who bowed out in favour of Talyanle went on the rampage.
While security personnel, sealed of parliament buildings a number of MPs went to the Chief Justice and submitted a request for by the Somaliland constitutional court, in order to settle the dispute legally.
Acknowledging a visit by MPs aligned to the Talyanle faction the Somaliland Chief Justice Adan Haji Ali said that a request for legal intervention was submitted and relevant action shall be taken as per constitutional dictates
In the meantime the government in the guise of interior minister held a press briefing conducted by Minister Faraton in which events unfolding in the August house were condemned.
police take charge of parliament buildings in Haargeisa after brawl over disputed speakership electionSimilarly members of the Somaliland National Rectification and Dialogue Committee which is composed of several persons of whom influence in the country stated that the events unfolding in parliament were very saddening.

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Urging uncertainty within the community elicited by the disputed polls, the committee called upon legislators and administration to come up with a swift solution before things spiral for the worse that it already is.
“It is very surprise that an election devoid of the full 82 quorum of the house can be rigged if rigging it really was” said a statement by the committee.
Calling for all concerned to be clearheaded as they pursue legal or other Chanel’s of resolution, the national rectification committee said it was following events carefully while anticipating an expedited conclusion, acceptable to all.
In the meantime the Wadani party went public with audio visual material showing the voting process, who voted by name to whom and subsequent switch of Talyanle votes thence 2nd Speakers announcement of Bashe as victor

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