Somaliland: Bosaso Based Refugees from Yemen Receive Dahabshil Group Welfare Support Donation


By: Abdirisak Itaqile
Somalilandsun – Dahabshil Group has chipped in towards the welfare of Refugees escaping war-torn Yemen currently based in Bosaso.
In a ceremony held in Bosaso the port city of Puntland an administrative region of the Somalia Federal Government-SFG , Dahabshil Group presented a check worth $30,000 to the committee in charge of welcoming refugees returning from Yemen.
Ali Mohamed Ilayo, one of Dahabshil’s Bari office officials who spoke at a ceremony highlighted Dahabshil’s role in the provisions and development of social amenities to the community at large by contributing social development projects.
Ali Mohamed also stated that the money is intended to contribute to efforts of helping the Somali refugees escaping violence in Yemen.
Sheikh Dahir Abdi, a member of the committee thanked Dahabshil for the donation and called on other agencies to follow suit and take part in the ongoing efforts to assist the needy people.
Dahabshill group and Bosaso refugee committee officials at the donation handover Hundreds of Somalis fleeing from the violence in Yemen have arrived in Bosaso and Berbera port towns in the past several weeks.
Dahabshil, Africa’s largest money transfer business, has a culture of social responsibility, which was ingrained by the company’s founders in 1970s. Today, Dahabshil Group remains the leading and the best company that creates the most overall social and environmental impact in the horn of Africa.
About Dahabshil
Dahabshil is Africa’s largest money transfer business, with branches in 126 countries worldwide and over 5,000 employees. It is one of the most important multinational businesses in the Horn of Africa, which provides a vital money transfer lifeline to those living in many countries across Africa and beyond.
In addition to serving individual customers, Dahabshil offers money transfer and bank services to local businesses and some the world’s leading humanitarian organizations, including the United Nations, Oxfam and Save the Children.
Dahabshil is headquartered in London, where it opened its first office in 1989. It is core business is remittance services, although the company has in recent years expanded into banking and mobile banking, and now offers Somalia’s first debit card service.
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