Somaliland: Borame Municipality Ends Conflict with Election of Councillor Hadi as Mayor


Somalilandsun- A lengthily dispute within the Borame Local Council has been concluded peaceful thence cessation of hostilities among council members.
This development which follows the election of a new mayor and occasioned by resignation of his predecessor was Witnessed by a powerful central government team dispatched from the capital Hargeisa.
The central government team composed of the deputy speaker of parliament, MP Ahmed Yasin Sh Ali Ayanle, Minister of commerce Mahmud Hasan his agriculture counterpart Mumin Seth, the Director General Ministry of duration and Science under the conspicuous leadership of Deputy interior minister in charge of local governments Mohamed Muse Diriye.
During the election specific extra-ordinary session of the Borame Local Council, 19 Councillors our of the 21 total were in attendance.
Having resigned in huff the outgoing mayor, Councillor Mohamed Hussein Maydhane saw two members contesting to replace him namely councilors Muhumed Farah Dheereyste and Suleiman Hasan Hadi respectively.
Since the incumbent deputy mayor had not resigned elections centered on replacing the resigned Mayor Maydhane who did not cast his vote.

councilor Muhumed Farah Dheereyste says he won the mayorship of Borame local council

Upon hand raising elections by the 19 members quorum Councillor Dheereyste received 8 votes while his opponent Councilor Hadi received 10 votes thus becoming the new mayor of the Borame local council.
The ascension to the main mayoral parlour in Awdal region of Somaliland was immediately approved by the central government team in the guise of deputy interior minister in charge of Somaliland local council affairs Mohamed Muse Diriye.
The youthful Cllr Suleiman Hasan Hadi who is embarking on his second stint as Mayor of Borame promised to pursue his office mandate with diligence and without fear or favour.
During the first stint of Councillor Hadi as Borame mayor a couple of years back, Councillor Dheereyste was his faithful deputy.
While the official position is that the outgoing mayor resigned voluntarily in order to pave way for reconciliation within the Municipality, a recent Audit General’s Visit which reportedly found alleged malpractices is Actually reason.

Watch Councillor Dheereyste Alleges Vote Rigging In Borame Mayoral Election

While the election of Councillor Hadi as mayor of Borame local council was termed as free and fair thence a foregone conclusion, it appears as if rumblings of discontent by the losing candidate might resurge the conflict that saw immediate past mayor resign.
At a post election presser at the Awdal Regional capital of Borame, Councillor Muhumed Farah Dheereyste accused the central government team of having manipulated votes in favour of his opponent.
Though we can not independently verify the alleged claims of vote rigging during the Borame local council mayoral elections, sources indicate that the ow replaced Councillor Maydhane who is member of Opposition party Wadani was forced out, to pave way for Councilor Hadi who is a member of Ruling Kulmiye party.

Awdal region is a stronghold of the Somaliland Oppostion Wadani party