Somaliland: Borame Chiefs Settle Municipality Dispute Physically


Youthful Borame local government chiefs in boxing contest

By:Yusuf M Hasan

BORAME (Somalilandsun) – The long standing and unsolved dispute of managerial responsibilities between the Borame Mayor and deputy has taken a turn for the worse with fists changed to reasoning.

A normal working day at the Borame local council headquarters on the 6th January 2014 turned to shambles after entire municipality staff dispersed in fear after their chiefs Mayor Suleiman Hasan Hasi and his deputy Mohamed Farah Deereye engaged in a bruising fight.

According to insiders within the municipality the two chiefs started the physical contest inside the mayor’s office following a heated conversation between the two who were arguing on the authority of the deputy mayor to sign and issue orders for various activities in the local council.

Though operational bad blood between two youthful council chiefs has been in existence for some times the ire of both leading to the disgustingly shameful fistfight ensued after the mayor Suleiman Hasan countermanded the construction of a wall around a petrol station in Sisibta estate that was authorized by the deputy mayor.

“Immediately after the deputy mayor entered the mayor’s office and a short heated conversation later the brawl started with the two hitting each other with keys and files and before hammering each other with thundering blows” said a Borame local council employee who requested anonymity

As per the situation that culminated the long standing feud into a boxing contest came after the wall around the petrol station whose construction was authorized by Councilor Deereye was demolished by council bulldozers on orders of Mayor Suleiman.

Borame residents enjoy their shiny town while wondering about their mayor's conflict

It can remembered that the Borame municipality operations almost came to a stand during a recent mayor’s absence abroad and following his, Suleiman, refusal to give his deputy Deereye authority to sign for anything at all.

Just the other day councilors within the Borame municipality initiated a no confidence motion against the two chiefs that was unfortunately scrapped after pleadings of good conduct and promises to establish appropriate working relationships from Mayor Suleiman and Deputy Deereye.

Meanwhile the ministry of interior which has the local government supervision mandate is yet to comment on the Borame mayor’s public brawl that paralyzed municipality activities for a full day.

On the other hand maybe the conduct of these two council chiefs is a signal that the much touted inclusion of youths into senior decision making positions is somehow askew thence the imperative need of ensuring that at least an experienced and aged official is there to deputized any youthful chief appointed or elected to any senior position within the public service.