Somaliland: Boobe Lashes Ruling Party KULMIYE on Blunders


Former Somaliland Information Minister Boobe Yusuf Duale lambasts Kulimye party

By: Guleid A Maher
Somalilandsun – The former Minister of Information and National Guidance Mr. Boobe Yusuf Duale has lashed out on the ruling party KULMIYE accusing it of not running the country. Speaking to reporters in Hargeisa. Mr. Boobe lambasted the Kulmiye regime criticizing them for losing the control of the state and hoodwinking the public with lies purporting that they are in charge.
He went on to voice his misgivings pertaining the recent tour to Kenyan capital Nairobi by the three political parties chairmen for talks with Somaliland donors about the funding of the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections. The former independence hero voiced his concern to why the government and the opposition could not reach a memorandum of understanding in the country instead they are now being mediated by donor countries thus compromising Somaliland’s hard earned culture and tradition of solving their differences in a diplomatic manner for the sake of national unity.

Mr. Boobe wondered why the ruling party which failed to agree or reach consensus in their National Delegates Conference. The Kulmiye party national convention was held in questionable circumstances; they party had drafted two lists of the executive committee instead of one there was infighting within the party leadership which was divided into factions. The former minister added that the country ruled for the presidential palace while the Kulmiye party is just a symbol existing on paper.” This is a national disgrace; we cannot accept open lies in broad day light” said Mr. Boobe.