Somaliland: “Bilateral Repriciocity with Kenya to Foster Immigration and Trade” Asserts Sifir


By: Osman A.M.

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Nairobi based Somaliland’s liaison officer Mohamud Jama Sifir shed light on the circumstances that neccessitated the Kenya authorities to express interest in establishing a consulate office that would oversee their affairs in Hargeisa, Somaliland.

Sifir eloquently elaborated these developments when he was speaking to journalists in Hargeisa on Thursday revealing that the journey to market Somaliland diplomatically to the East African nation initiated way back when it dwell to both countries that they shared commonalities as well as diversity that needs diplomatic connection to be reciprocated to greater heights in order to maximize bilateral benefits gained as a result of the advanced association.

Amb Sifir“The Kenyan delegation that paid us visit a couple of days ago was mandated to drum up diplomatic initiatives following initial uphill struggle carried from our Nairobi Liaison Office (NLO) involving various correspondences with the Kenyan authorities. These initiatives ultimately conveinced the Kenyan Government that it is in their best interest to engage Hargeisa when they finally viewed their engagements with Somalia from two different perspectives,to wit, one, embroiled in a state of lawnessness,instability, civil war & collapsed governance system and one shinning with positive attributes ranging from abudance of peace, stability, possessing patriotic citizenry in addition to functioning Government institution”, noted Somaliland’s special envoy to Nairobi.

Sifir further revealed that the Kenyan delegation was entirely composed of 3 senior Foreign Ministry’s officials who went around the city comparing different stategic locations before deciding the best venue to lease their consulate when they return in a month.

The Liaison Officer attributed seriousness exibited by the Kenyan authorities when he disclosed of Nairobi’s acceptance of our offer in upgrading Nairobi’s Liaison Office to a fully fledged consulate that would consequently accellerate immigration and trade & investments opportunities among other bilateral recipriocity.