Somaliland: Bihi Move to Bolster Party


The SL Locally Brewed Reconciliation Trademark wins the day

Somalilandsun – It is kudos for KULMIYE for it has jumped over a hurdle that detractors and distracters would have rather liked it otherwise, with the party having come out unscathed hence triumphant making the real winners are the people and the country of Somaliland.

We are happy that the enemies of the land have to both put up and shut up.
The news from the entrepreneurs and subsequent confirmation by Chairman Bihi himself has made our day just as it has made the day of all patriots, within and without. His action will definitely earn him praises, boost the party unity and bolster his stature as a politician.
As we congratulate Mr. Bihi today we call upon all voices of reason to equally support him revitalize the party. At least our fears are now gone for we all held our breaths wishing away internal party wrangles at such a crucial time.
He has done the best thing; the thing that wise decision called for. Now that wisdom has prevailed and surpassed over all underlying issues, may we get down to business, rally people together, fortify our unity, dismantle tribalism, think of the needy, build the nation and brace ourselves to the unfolding of the future as one, and only one, single and solid unit.
This column has always stood for righteousness hence propelled by the real love of the country and nation of Somaliland.
We stand by, and for, the unity of our people as one nation; our only strive should be aimed to the best objectives and for the best interests of the nation.
As concerns the best of tidings, we herein wish that we should take time now to reflect on our past, pause on our present, and as good foresight may deem, take our time to re-kindle, revitalize and resuscitate our inter-communal unity hence propel it further.
Since this may be our last issue before the month of Ramadan, (next week), we challenge, wish and pray that everybody will take the time to fight against tribalism, clannish tendencies, partisanship, ungodliness or every immoral vice.
In their place we hope for unity, brethren-ship, impartiality, Godliness or every moral uprightness.
With this, we as a people and as a nation will go forward and progress.
On the other hand, we call upon all eminent personalities, whatever their social or professional backgrounds to desist from issuing unethical or immoral statements that may undermine or dent the essence of unity or nationhood.
Once more, our congratulations to the KULMIYE party and its leadership not only rests with it but is herein extended to the President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud and the people of the nation who indeed overwhelmingly voted him in.
Our main reminder is happily the fact that the triumph we are celebrating today, naturally, has its credit to, and its roots in, our homemade culture of conciliatory and reconciliatory traditions that we dub –’The SL Trademark’.
It has won the day once more, again.