Somaliland: Bi-Partisan Recognition Campaign at the Canadian Parliament


A bi partisan team of Canadian Somalilanders campaign for recognition outside the parliament in Ottawa

Somaliland sun- The Somaliland quest for international recognition is at its apex within Canadian political and government circles.
This follows a motion for its recognition tabled at the Canadian federal parliament by liberal party MP representing Guildwood riding constituency Hon John Mackey who wants Canada to recognize Somaliland as a de-jure sovereign state.
While the motion tabling was a milestone for the Somaliland 25 years elusive quest for international recognition as an independent nation, of utmost importance was the country’s diaspora in the North American country backing the move.
Without regard to politics back home or party affiliations the team of the local native with Canadian citizenship was composed and led led by Somaliland members of parliament from across the national political parties, Wadani, Kulmiye and UCID
To add to the joy to the Somaliland team at the parliament in Ottawa was the due decorum of reception accorded by federal legislators.

Somaliland citizens and MPs from across the national political parties Wadani Kulmiye and UCID poses with MP John Mackay outside the Canadian parliament


Canadian Parliament Debate on Somaliland Recognition