Somaliland: Berbera Power Supply Back 100% after Deadly Fire


 Burned Storage facility at Berbera Electricity AgencyBy: Yusuf M Hasan

BERBERA (Somalilandsun) – Electricity supply is back to normal in the port city after a short hiatus.

Residents of Berbera town and environs have usual access to electricity despite the devastating fire that engulfed the government owned Berbera Electricity Agency-BEA in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The fire that resulted in four severe burn injuries to two members of employees of the agency and two from the local fire brigade also destroyed part of the BEA’s storage facility where the fire emanated from.


According to the governor of Sahil region Mr. Mahmoud Ali Suleiman ‘Ramah’ the fire which caused damage of yet to be established value started after a fuel tank ignited on contact with a flying spark from a welding machine in use to repair a generator at the BEA’s storage facility.

Said he, “The burning fuel tank exploded immediately spreading a fierce fire within the storage facility where over 125 drums of fuel burned thus partially destroying a number of machines”

Despite four severe burn injuries, the Gallantry of BEA staff and the fire brigade successfully put down the fire and managed to re-establish normal electricity supply within a matter of two hours.

Though two of the injuries are severe thus requiring further medical attention in Hargeisa where they were dispatched immediately, the condition of two others who are under Doctors observation in Berbera is stable.