Somaliland: Berbera Municipality and VNG International Launch Specialized Economic Resilient Project


Somalilandsun- Berbera Municipality Authority in partnership with VNG International (Inernational Cooperation Agency of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities) hosted together “ASPIRE” project launching event in Berbera city on 11th April 2018.

The event was attended; Timen Rooseboom fromThe Embassy of the Netherlands in Kenya, Mayor of Berbera, Governor of Sahil Region, Chief Executive Officer, Berbera Municipal Authority, Executive Director of Association of Local Government Authorities of Somaliland, Delegations for EU, High delegations from VNG International, Board of Berbera Freezone, Members of Berbera Economic Forum, UNHCR, DRC, HPA, IOM, HAVAYOCO, MIM, YOVENCO, GIZ, SOYCA, Fair-fishing.

Berbera Municipality Somaliland

The advancing Strong Partnerships for Inclusive and Resilient Economic development (ASPIRE) project focuses on Berbera as a potential role model for inclusive local economic development (LED) in the region and as an entry point to address regional income disparities. Berbera has been an important pillar of Somaliland’s economy for many years. Current large scale investments in Berbera provide opportunities for the district to exploit the economic benefits in generating employment and boost service delivery for its citizens. To foster inclusive economic growth, it is necessary for the local public sector stakeholders and the local private sector to collaborate and coordinate.

In doing so, ASPIRE builds on the commitment of Berbera District Authority’s to promote regional development, Berbera’s already established LED forum (Berbera Economic Forum), investments into the Port of Berbera and Berbera’s role as an economic hub for the region. In addition, ASPIRE works with the Association of Local Government Authorities of Somaliland (ALGASL) as a target group and implementing partner. ALGASL – as the umbrella organization for all Somaliland districts – is supported to disseminate and replicate lessons learned and successes of the Berbera pilot across Somaliland.

VNG International is an expert in strengthening local government in developing and transitional countries. Local governments play a key role in the provision of basic services such as water, waste management, health care and housing. They have profound impact on areas like safety, food security, rule of law, and women’s rights. Therefore our projects contribute in a sustainable way to better futures for people, communities and countries. In over sixty projects worldwide, VNG International strengthens local governments, associations of Municipalities and local trainings institutes.

Berbera Municipality press release

Berbera Municipality press release for more details contact

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Berbera Municipality

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