Somaliland: Berbera Hotels Banned from Hosting Political Meetings


Hotels in the scenic somaliland port city of Berbera will not host political rallies until further notice banned from hosting political meetings

By: Omar. A. Omar ‘Moyale’
BERBERA (Somalilandsun) – Governor Fahmi Abdi Bidaar Sahil Region clearly lamented the Berbera Hotels may possibly not be permitted to hold political gatherings and campaigns but only tolerate other vital meetings for the nation.
This was after WADANI delegates were denied to hold their conference in Hotel after the regulation was acknowledged but instead the meeting was held at WADANI headquarters in Berbera.
The Governor of Sahil Region highlights the procedures reserved smears to an ongoing campaigns and discussions of the legislators chosen from the Senate in the region and that the stated time for election-campaigns is not up till now.
“Due to this, the schedules forwarded by the Senate to legislators are handed and no hotels in the town are permissible to hold pre-campaign consultations.” Said Fahmi Abdi

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