Somaliland: Berbera Corridor Project Management Committee Chairperson Resigns

Berbera Corridor map

Somalilandsun: Less than a month since establishment the Committee to Manage the UAE Funded Berbera Corridor Project has its chief resign.

The committee’s short-lived chairman Eng. Mahmud Abdi Mohamed ‘Dhuudhi’ resignation was accepted by the Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi who appointed  another committee member Eng. Isse Yusuf Mohamed ‘Xamari; as his replacement.

No statement has been issued by  either party as per reasons behind the resignation but Geeska sources indicate that the speed in which president Bihi replaced Eng. Dhuudhi’ is acknowledgement of mutual consensus on the imperatives’ of the outgoing Berbera corridor project management committee exit.

Tasked with managing the Berbera corridor project funded by the government of United Arab Emirates the six member committee was established through a presidential decree.

While announcing the new committee the president of Somaliland Muse Bihi Abdi said that this development is in line with arrangements agreed upon with the UAE.

“Guided by a letter submitted from the joint Somaliland UAE development fund ref: ADFD-DG-585-2020 of 18th  May 2020 I hereby establish this six member committee which shall work in close cooperation with the fund as pertains the Berbera Corridor project” Said president Bihi

According to the head of state the committee shall get professional support in all relevant work sectors from experts already in place

The Berbera corridor which is set to connect the Somaliland port to land locked Ethiopia started a couple of years back