Somaliland: Beautiful, Unspoiled and Peaceful Country-Picturespeak


Foreigners are not only safe but their kids attend local schools in somaliland

By: Mohamed Cheers

Somaliland is a beautiful Country. Unspoiled and vibrant in many ways and its people are

extraordinarily friendly and helpful specially to foreigners. There is relative peace for all

and nothing much to fear.

Excellent for tourists and all.


All  photo credits to Yusuf M Hasan of somalilandsun

At Las Geel

Chezch students peruse local papers at Somalilandsun offices

Singaporean ladies Enjoying a meal at a friends home in Dami estate Hargeisa somaliland

 Backpacking Englishman and a Finnish tourist with friends at Alem Ethiopia Coffee in Hargeisa

Hospital volunteers enjoying at Edna Adens farm in Hargeisa/photo by Edna hospital

A frenchman with Arshey Ogaal newspaper journalist

Enjoying public transport in Burao

Chinese cyclist in Burao/photo by Keise

A Visitor enjoys quality time with Somaliland ladies at the hargeisa livestock market