Somaliland: BBC Somali Service Bias and Propaganda Irking, says Information minister


Somaliland Information minister Osman Abdillahi Sahardid urges BBC Somali service to uphold impartiality

By M.A. Egge
Somalilandsun-The Minister of Information National Guidance who also holds the portfolio of official government spokesman Hon. Osman Abdillahi Sahardid, alias Adani, has taken a swipe at the British media powerhouse, the BBC(Somali service) , for from veering from its accustomed impartial traditional tuff known for and indulge in issues that undermine the essence and integrity of Somaliland.
He said that it has completely abandoned its objectivity, neutrality and just integrity.
The minister who was visibly angry noted that the BBC has never bothered to answer to similar complaints of gross impartially peddled by the media house that the ministry had registered with their superiors.
The national spokesman gave his sentiments in a long address in form of a press statement that he gave to the media in his office over the week.
He was unequivocal in his statement when he said that journalists in Somaliland are not shot down in the street like elsewhere but were subjected to the rule of law if they erred as per the constitution of the land.
Loosely translated from Somali, the minister statement was as follows:-
“I call upon you to this press conference today the 21st day of February, 2017 to tell you about the BBC who have veered from their traditionally neutral and impartial norm that was accustomed to and indulge in gross partisanship that peddles malice about Somaliland Republic.
“The other thing I’ll slightly touch on concerns the historical ties between the British Empire and the BBC given that it was the people of Somaliland who taught and connected the rest of Somalis with the tuning in to and listening to the BBC.
“I expected that the BBC would play an active role in SL’s aspirations since the re-assertion of this country’s independence, but on the contrary the BBC has spearheaded open warfare through the airwaves that grossly undermines the essence and integrity of this nation.
“It fabricates in a biased and unjust manner petty incidences and exaggerates petty issues that have no any impact in/to this country hence in juxtaposition cover-up (gives black-outs) to progressive and developmental steps taken.
“They organize (debates) at every given chance giving priorities to those well known figures that are against SL’s aspirations hence blow out of proportions every aspect that SL politicians, who are pillars of democracy, differ in.
“Such issues are for instance, the latest one, the one about the agreement the U.A.E. entered with Somaliland Republic whereby the DP World is to modernize Berbera Port and that of the (now /ongoing) military base in which both Houses of Parliament voted for overwhelmingly (144) that the BBC wrongly portrayed the aspirations of the people of Somaliland such that the public opinion may be doctored.
“Likewise they (BBC) undertake this partisan and biased nature without lending credence to where majority opinion lies.
• The BBC debates are always unjust whereby every time one is held a Somalilander debater is pitted against two from Somalia.
• Listeners given opportunities to participate on-line are always from those whose opinions are biased against Somaliland aspirations; thus they were hitherto pinpointed.
• The BBC always lumps the Somaliland Republic to that of the Federal Republic of Somalia, a good example being the February 3rd 2017 Kenya-Somalia shoreline border wrangle having been bound to that of Somaliland!
• The anchors of the debates always start arguments as soon-as they give a Somalilander opportunity to speak, such that the Somalilander is muzzled before uttering a word hence denied out-rightly to air their opinions!
• They ironically avail (in their debates) Somalia politicians who work with the FGS or are known to profess pro-Soamalia politics hence avail them as “independent scholars who have specialized in SL-Somalia affairs” given that the so-tagged-scholars are individuals ‘famed’ with hatred of or the undermining of Somaliland.
• Similarly to participate in their social media network they gave priority and preference to those whose opinion are anti-Somaliland.
• Given that (the BBC) being partisan they give more time than the one given to a Somalilander to each of the three others of Somalia.
• Truly you cannot separate the Mogadishu news portals and that of the BBC for they are simply similar hence can be thought to be managed from Mogadishu.
• We have registered our complaints on all the above points to the BBC heads of Africa division and to those of the BBC Somali service, but sadly we have not been answered yet.
• We are sending another complaint to the BBC now, but from now henceforth it is upon us to take due action since it is incumbent upon us o defend the essence and the integrity of the nation of Somaliland Republic.
• “Similarly, we will review the agreements we entered with the BBC as concerns relaying of the airwaves.
• “In Somaliland Republic journalists are not shot down if they erred, but are subjected to the rule of law according to the constitution of Somaliland on media”.
• Thank you
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