Somaliland: Baboon Attack Leaves 2 Gabilains Injured


They are not only chewing Khat but attacking humans as well

By: Yusuf M Hasan

GABILE (Somalilandsun) – Residents of Gabile Region have urged the Somaliland government to intervene thence save them from Baboons

This outcry follows the injury of two nomads in the west of Gabile town during an attack by a large band of baboons that unexpectedly jump on the unsuspecting people who were grazing their livestock.

In the attack saw the two victims sustain various bodily injuries which are being treated at the regional hospital, their colleagues managed to escape unscathed after a fierce fight with the baboons.

Surprisngly the now wild baboons entered homesteads where they stole all the food stocks like sugar, flour etc eating most and destroying the rest

Somaliland is home to hundreds of thousands of baboons of which almost half of them dwell in peri-urban centres nationwide.

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