Somaliland: Ayaan to Receive Facial Reconstruction Surgery in Australia


Edna's relentless campaign for Ayan succeeds By: Edna Aden

HARGEISA – Those of you who have been following Edna’s work for a long time will be aware of her efforts to find help for Ayaan who, as a small child, was shot in the face Somaliland’s war to regain its independence. A web site,, was created, a YouTube video was produced, and sufficient funds were raised but it took a long time before everything finally came together.

After all these years, everything finally has come together. Ayaan will be traveling to Australia for surgery. She was shot in the face during the Somaliland civil war when she was just two years old.

At last, all appears settled. Edna has made the following announcement:

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the Rotarians in Brisbane, Australia, who are supporting Ayaan to finally get her face fixed. We have been trying for many years to help Ayaan but there has been one obstacle after the other until now. Let’s hope there will be no more disappointments for Ayaan this time.

“We are so grateful to the surgeon in Brisbane who has offered to help Ayaan free of charge with the surgery that she needs. Blessings to him.

“We are now in the stage where we have to satisfy Visa formalities. If all goes well, and Ayaan gets her new face, I hope and pray that this will replace the picture we have had in the websites for so many years.

“Please keep praying for Ayaan and keep wishing her well. -Edna”