Somaliland: AWDAL traditional leaders call on residents to support relief efforts


Residents congrats at the awdal regional capital Borame

By M.A. Egge
Somalilandsun- The top traditional leaders of Awdal and Selel regions yesterday appealed to the residents of their areas to support both morally and materially the ongoing efforts of relief aid to the affected people by the drought sweeping across the country.
The leaders called on the area entrepreneurs, the youth and all capable individuals to eke in whatever they could to the cause such that the duress being undergone by the pastoralists may be alleviated.
“It is incumbent upon all and sundry from our regions to help alleviate the drought problems affecting the people of the eastern regions”, said Sultan Ibrahim Jama Samatar.
His colleague Sultan Abdirahman Jama Dawal echoed the same words and added that people vulnerable to the same fate should always be at hand to help each other at all times.