Somaliland: Awdal Regional Governor’s Residence Sold” Claims MP Abubakar


As the Legislator accuses the administration of institutionalizing official corruption that has no bounds

Somaliland MP Abubakar says the Awdal regional governor is now an IDP in Borame town the seat of his governorship

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun – The Governor of Awdal Region is conduction state affairs at a tiny one roomed house in Borame town the seat of his governorship.
This was informed by Somaliland member of parliament Abubakar Abdirahman Gorth during an interview with HCTV reporter Hamse Bulbul in Hargeisa where issues pertinent to corruption in the administration of President Silanyo and his, legislator’s, support for ruling Kulmiye party were also discussed.
On the circumstances surrounding the Residence of the Awdal Regional governor the MP who termed it as no longer public property said,
“I can confidently confirm that the Awdal governor’s mansion on Borame town has been sold” adding that at the moment the presumed president of the region is currently to be considered as an internally displaced person.
According to legislator Abubakar who hails from Awdal Region which he represents in parliament’s house of representative on Ruling Kulmiye party ticket, regional affairs in the capital Borame are being undertaken in one room that takes only four chairs and doubles at night as sleeping quarters of the governor.
Visibly perturbed by this circumstance that have unfolded thence having the Awdal governor to reside in the single roomed house built by Britain almost a century ago, the MP did not mince words as he describe the sitting administration as one that has lost all morales.
“Though I am a member of Kulmiye I will and shall not urge my supporters and constituents to vote for the ruling party come presidential elections this November” said legislator Abubakar Abdirahman Gorth in response to query on his wavering political allegiance.
Stating that ongoing and seemingly legitimized corruption and maladministration being perpetrated by the Silanyo administration has led him to take a weather check on continued support to Kulmiye.
Queried on his participation at the Wadani function hosted for several political heavyweights joining the Opposition party after decamping Kulmiye held in Hargeisa, MP Abubakar said,
“First of all Wadani is a national political party and I am a national political representative thence no conflict in joining them though I am a Kulmiye party member”
On the same breathe the legislator who represents Awdal Region in the Somaliland parliament said that apart from his disillusion with official corruption in government perpetrated by Kulmiye party functionaries, the political wind blowing in the country, that favours Wadani, is discernible to all
Finally MP Abubakar Abdirahman Gorth justified not only his participation at a Wadani party event but to his refusal to solicit votes for Kulmiye to the situation in the country that is deteriorating on a daily basis.
Somaliland presidential elections in which ruling party Kulmiye is fielding Muse Behi Abdi while Opposition parties UCID and Wadani have Eng Feisal Ali Warabe and Abdirahman Irro as flag-bearers shall be held on the 13th November 2017.