Somaliland: Awdal Region is a Bastion of Peace and Development in the Country


By: Editor
Somalilandsun – In response to comments terming people of Awdal region as pro-Somalia unionist posted in our article titled Somaliland: State Warns of Dire Consequences in the Horn if SFG Deploys Special Force reader Awdalboy wrote
The people of Awdal region of Somaliland has since 1991 carefully built up a reputation within Somaliland as the home of peace, education, and dialogue over conflict.

This reputation led to significant boost in economic development for the Awdal region as university students from all over Somaliland came to study in Amoud university and live in the region and spend their money there on tuition, housing, living expenses etc. This boosted the regions economy.

Furthermore due to the reputation of peace and stability all NGO’s, INGO’s, international UN agencies and Somaliland government institutions flocked to Awdal region for various projects they could implement, this further boosted Awdal regions economy.

All this led to the Awdal diaspora feeling confident enough to invest in the region and build hotels, start car selling businesses, bajaaj businesses, various agricultural projects, manufacturing companies etc.

Awdal region which before 1991 was not even in the top 14 regions of the former Somalia as far as economy goes is today the fourth richest region(or highest living standard) after Hargeysa, Benadir and Togdheer according to the UN.

This has created a lot of hatred towards Awdals people from people in neighboring Somalia(Somalil ands neighbor to the east). Various plots from neighboring Somalia failed, such as terrorist infiltrating Awdal region and trying to attack Ethiopia in order to make Awdal look like a terrorist safe haven, Somaliland forces stopped that plot by capturing the terrorists. The goal of the enemy is always to make Awdal look unstable in order to scare investors and discourage further economic growth.

Another plot against Awdal was the Mogadishu funded Awdal state project, again the plan was to make Awdal look like an unstable place in order to discourage further economic investment and growth there.

Any Somaliland citizen who gets paid by foreigners to destabilize their region of birth or any region in Somaliland are as the vice president said “Khaainnul-Wada n” or traitors and will be punished severely.

The people of Awdal will not let anyone derail their hard-earned gains. We built Somalilands first university after independence in 1991, we had the presidency for 8 years, we are the backbone of Somaliland and we will not accept anyone to tarnish our nationalist credentials or derail our economic progress by making Awdal look like an unstable place.

Awdal region of Somaliland Republic, is a peaceful region which is great to invest money in, great to visit, great to go study in, great to start businesses in, great to go for healthcare in its hospitals. Awdal region is not what the jealous enemies are trying to paint it, the people there value peace and have even lead the way in making schools for the deaf, the few lunatics being paid by foreigners are not representative of Awdals masses.

Invest your money, time, and yourself in Awdal region of Somaliland. It is a peaceful, stable and wonderful place regardless of what liars and sick jealous people would have you believe.